Rove Carts Mountain Goo




Rove Carts Mountain Goo

Rove is excited to announce our next Feature Farms collaboration with Gooey Farms. It is a highly potent indica with a sweet-tasting mix of Blueberry notes and Hindu Kush for that earthy taste. Deep, physical relaxation is coupled with slight cerebral energy to help with appetite, arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Just like all of our Feature Farms products, Mountain Goo is a single source, whole plant, CO2-extracted cannabis oil with its original full-spectrum terpenes.

About this strain: Goo

Goo, which is not Afgoo or The Goo but a different strain entirely, is reportedly a cross of Blueberry and Hindu Kush. The strain is said to have a sweet, sour, fruity, earthy flavor profile from dark green buds with burnt orange stigma hairs and glistening trichomes.


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