Rove Carts Apple Pie




Rove Carts Apple Pie

Get into the holiday spirit with our limited release holiday strain. With the taste of apples, cinnamon, and freshly baked crust, this hybrid starts with a sense of tingly euphoria and profound happiness. As your mind soars, you’ll feel an influx of mental energy and motivation that lends itself well to any task at hand. A light relaxing body high accompanies this lifted state, keeping your physical form anchored as your mind soars higher and higher. A true gift of giving, this cartridge will make everyone happy this holiday season.


About this strain: Apple Pie

Alien Genetics created Apple Pie as a combination of Slymer and Sour Apple IBL.

The top reported aromas of the Apple Pie strain are vanilla and spices. It is said to taste of spices, apples, and sugar.


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