Rove Carts Alien Rock Candy




Rove Carts Alien Rock Candy

Awaken to a great dream with Alien Rock Candy, the latest Featured Indica-dominant hybrid from Rove. Sweet as its name suggests, the strong citrusy exhale will scatter the full force of your soul among the stars. Take a moment from your active or stressful day to enjoy the special place you have in the cosmos.

About this strain: Alien Rock Candy

Bred by Alien Genetics, Alien Rock Candy is a cross between Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien.

The indica-dominant hybrid was produced by crossing a female Sour Dubble from B.O.G. seeds with one of the breeder’s Tahoe Alien male plants. The result is a reportedly fast-vegetating, sour, lemon-lime, candy-flavored bud.


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