Dime Carts Kushmint




Dime Carts Kushmint is a Hybrid mix between Thin Mint Cookies x OG Kush that offers a unique piney mint profile with a bold kushy aftertaste. This strain provides a euphoric high resulting in a happy and uplifting mood. Kushmint will refresh your senses.

Genetics: Thin Mint Cookies x OG Kush

Effects: Calm, Focus, Relax

Prevalent Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Beta Caryophyllene

CartridgeEuphoricHappyIndicaKush MintsLemonMintRelaxedSpicy/Herbal

About this strain: Kush Mints

Kush Mints is a cross of Bubba Kush pollen and the clone-only Animal Mints strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics in Southern California. The experts at Seed Junky have crossed a Kush Mints phenotype with several other hybrids, including Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake.

This balanced hybrid strain is said to have a strong minty flavor, hence the name. It also reportedly makes users feel relaxed, calm and occasionally sleepy.


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